Thomas Crauwels is a modern, romantic artist with a mission. His passion for the Alps along with his ardent desire to preserve their memory permeates his entire work.

His recognisable and distinctive style has won him many Swiss and international awards. His quest for excellence is a testament to his heartfelt, intimate connection with the Alps.

Mother Nature is always the principal creative artist, she sets the tone and dictates the atmosphere. Invited in for a few moments, Crauwels waits for that perfect instant – mysterious, timeless and almost mystical.

Thomas Crauwels takes us on a truly grandiose journey. Through an emotionally uplifting experience of the beauty and majesty of the snow-clad ice giants, his works transport us to a pristine place, somewhere between heaven and earth.

His art speaks to lovers of mountains and Alpine peaks who wish to preserve and contemplate the beauty of these towering summits so that one day they can, in their turn, hand down a fragment of it to future generations.

Like those magical moments that are so rarely revealed, Thomas Crauwels’ photographs are available only in limited series or unique pieces.

Enjoy your journey across the mountain peaks!


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