Piero Del Bondio

Piero Del Bondio (*1947, Borgonovo) is an exceptional artist, whose artistic journey is a captivating tale of discovery and innovation. His life began in the picturesque village of Borgonovo, where his curiosity and artistic talent were noticed from a young age. As a young man, Piero chose sculpture and began his training at the renowned Lucerne School of Art.

Fascinated by the opportunities before him, Piero decided to refine his talent by studying at the art academies of the vibrant cultural metropolises of Paris and Rome. Influences from art history and the diverse impulses of the big cities stimulated his creativity and laid the foundation for his remarkable future career.

After his studies, Piero embarked on an adventure in Provence, where he worked as an independent artist for a whole decade. During this time, he deepened his understanding of movement in space and bodily expression. As a puppeteer and theater scenographer, he used his skills to tell stories and create emotional worlds. These experiences profoundly influenced his artistic production and brought him back to his beloved hometown, the Bregaglia Valley, in 1981.

Back home, Piero began to explore the boundaries of artistic expression. He loved experimenting with different materials and using his own body as an artistic medium. His works became vivid metamorphoses, where the existential, historical, and cosmic interwove in a profound fabric of meanings.

Piero Del Bondio’s works are characterized by depth of meaning, radical simplicity, and a strong expressive impact. His art invites viewers to reflect on the transience of life. Positioned between arte povera, minimal art, land art, and body art, he created his own unique artistic niche that reflects his individuality and originality.

Piero Del Bondio is not only an artist but also a storyteller. His works narrate the search for meaning, the connection with nature, and the beauty of human existence. Each artwork shows a deep sensitivity to the human soul, uniquely connecting the material with the spiritual.

His legacy is a treasure for the art world, a testament to his pioneering spirit and insatiable curiosity. Piero Del Bondio transcended the boundaries of convention with his art and enriched us with his timeless works. His artistic impact will continue to live on in future generations, inspiring the art world constantly.

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