Born in 1978, in France
Lives and works in Hong Kong


Seduced by the existence and an unconditional love of reality, Lyès celebrates Life and the Energy of the universe. Inspired by Quantum physics, and Zen philosophies, the artist is attracted by reality and our perceptions of it. He discovers, enhances and shows the magic, the mystery and the natural forces present in all places, all times and all materials.

The artist portrays the Celebration of Life using multi-dimensional mediums: paintings, photographies, lights and installations, with a prediction for monumental artworks.


“I love when art expands in space and become our environment, surrounding us, unifying us, taking us to another reality.”


Feeling connected to the world, and wanting to act positively, Lyès joins the Social and Solidarity economy movement and in 2012 created Source Project. A committed artist, Lyès feels and radiate the energy emerging from all elements of the universe. His aim is to spread Love, Joy, Mindfulness.

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