Ingo Rasp is a german born award winning aerial landscape photographer, living and working in Chur-CH.

In his work he focuses with abstract aerial photographs on the geological history and processes that formed the Alps and the resulting structure of the alpine landscape – often under the aspect of transience due to the ongoing climate change.

As our environment is constantly transforming under the impact of the elements which is symbolic of the universal process of becoming and decaying, each of his photographs of the alpine environment is an effort to make a photographic record of the temporary existence and the evanescence of single moments.

In his approach he interprets the resulting structures as shapes, lines and textures which, at first glance, lets the photographs resemble as abstract paintings or pencil drawings.

His deep fascination for the different formation processes of our planet Earth that still shape our surroundings every day is the great driving force behind his work.

His work is dealing exclusively with alpine structures of the Swiss Mountains, offering an unexpected view on what looks so familiar to us, and at the same time surprises with new and previously unseen perspectives.

Selected prints of his work were exhibited at the renown architecture Biennale in Venice in 2018.
Accompanying the different working periods the fine-art magazine “Alpine Strukturen” is published.
It was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communications Design in 2018, and also won the first place at the International Photography Award in New York.

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