Christophe Delbeecke

Christophe Delbeecke is a Belgian artist born in 1975.


In 2015 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts at Ypres, specializing in ceramic and sculpture. We could define the sculptures realized by the Belgian Artist Christophe Delbeecke as a physical representation of the concept of paradox: something apparently self-contradictory or logically unacceptable. In fact, at first glance, the viewer is shocked by Delbeecke’s artworks because of the oxymoron created by the juxtaposition of two elements that cannot physically coexist: a balloon and a knife, a soft and delicate object in contact with a sharp element.


The aim of the artist is to materialize tension and disturb the visual perception of the viewer bringing him into an uncomfortable and awkward status while admiring the artwork. There’s also an interesting choice of materials made by the artist who decided to integrate into his most recent artworks objects form everyday life such as a knife or a kitchen hatchet. Anyway, the way the artist is able to create solid resin sculpture looking like a flexible balloon in extremely appalling.


We can find also some kind of existentialist interpretation in Delbeeck’s sculptures which are always shaping a deep state of mind touching feelings like anxiety, hope and fair. The next coming works will be again a  fusion of “incompatible” materials.

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