Andreas Urscheler

Andreas Urscheler is an artist and photographer from Switzerland, specializing in large-format, high-resolution fine art prints in limited editions.

He grew up in Zurich and Davos and was introduced to analogue black and white photography and film processing by his father and at school. His background is in art and humanities (PhD in medieval literature) with studies in Zurich, Portsmouth (GB) and Monterey (USA). He lives and works together with his wife in Zurich.

Urscheler’s passion is the craftsmanship and beauty of old barns and huts in alpine pasture areas and remote locations in the Swiss mountains. His «Woodcuts» focus on the cross section of the weathered logs at the corner joints of old huts. Unlike the illustrations of tree slices in schoolbooks, Urscheler’s Woodcuts are not simply cross-sections of a tree, but become actual interfaces of time, natural forces and settlement history. Marked by age and weathering, the Woodcuts have an almost hypnotic effect.

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