Albert Steiner 1877-1965

Albert Steiner was one of Switzerland’s most prominent photographers of the 20th century. His photographs of Engadine landscapes are unique, even on an international level. They played a significant role in shaping Switzerland’s image as an Alpine land of timeless beauty. Inspired by painters such as Giovanni Segantini and Ferdinand Hodler, Steiner created images that not only met the highest standards in terms of craft and technique, but were also impressive for their aesthetic qualities. 

The range of Steiner’s photographic works spans from pictorialist images resembling paintings from the period before the First World War to realistic, modern photographs taken around 1930. Contrary to other Swiss photographers of his generation, Steiner saw himself first and foremost as an artist. And unlike his contemporaries, he considered it self-evident that photography was suited to creating works of art. This is one of the reasons why his work remains relevant today.



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