Graubünden – Group Show

The gallery returns with an extraordinary group exhibition dedicated to the Swiss canton of Graubünden, celebrating the beauty and artistic diversity of this unique region. The talents of renowned artists Lukas R. Vogel, Thomas Crauwels, Piero Del Bondio, Helga Ritsch, Stefan Rüesch, and Andreas Urscheler come together in an exhibition that captivates the eyes and arouses curiosity.

Lukas R. Vogel’s mastery in oil painting captures the essence of Graubünden’s landscapes, from the majestic peaks of the Sciora group to the enchanting Engadine panoramas. His works convey a deep connection to nature and invite viewers to immerse themselves in its beauty.

Thomas Crauwels, with his passion for mountains, is one of the most significant black and white photographers of mountains. His works are showcased in the gallery for the first time, capturing the essence of the vastness and untouched nature of the Swiss peaks, evoking a sense of the sublime.

Piero Del Bondio, Valle Bregaglia, has traveled the world before returning to his homeland, where he continues to create minimalist beauty. In this exhibition, he presents a special sculpture: a headless bronze sculpture, a work of visual power and fascinating brilliance. The anthropomorphic forms appear to move and emerge from the bronze, creating a visual impression of great intensity.

Helga Ritsch, based in Soazza (Mesolcina), shapes ceramics that transcend the minimalist and modern, revealing a vital energy that awakens the viewer’s soul and interweaves the mystery of existence. Each piece becomes a mysterious narrative, rich in emotions and finely intertwined meanings, inviting deep reflection.

Stefan Rüesch, Chur, presents his unique technique in this group exhibition. With tempera on canvas, he meticulously paints beautiful landscapes in small squares, resembling pixels. His loving attention to detail is reflected in his artworks, drawing us deeply into his fascinating creative world.

The works of Andreas Urscheler, a Swiss photographer and artist, are his “Woodcuts” in black and white, printed on Swiss handmade paper. Portraits of ancient tree trunks from the barns and haylofts of Graubünden appear hypnotic, reminding us of how nature transforms materials over time, creating a unique game.

This group exhibition is an extraordinary journey to the heart of Graubünden, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the art and culture of this captivating region. The works of the talented artists in the exhibition provide a visual and emotional experience that leaves a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of visitors.


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