Eternal Ice: Artworks Between Heaven and Earth

The exhibition “Eternal Ice: Artworks Between Heaven and Earth” invites you to experience the fascinating beauty of mountains and glaciers through the diverse perspectives of six outstanding artists. Here, painting, photography, sculpture, and ceramics merge into a harmonious narrative about nature and its timeless allure.

In the oil paintings of the late Lukas R. Vogel, the majestic peaks of the Alps come to life anew, reminding us of the eternity of mountains. Stefan Rüesch complements this vision with his modern, pixelated acrylic paintings, which make the mountains appear in a digital light. Thomas Crauwels’ impressive black and white photographs reveal the rugged, untouched beauty of the ice landscapes, while Ingo Rasp captures the vibrancy and colorfulness of the glaciers in Switzerland and Greenland.

Helga Ritsch, ceramist, works in an old, restored stone house, which now serves as her studio. Her minimalist and profound works invite reflection and contemplation, serving as philosophical reflections on nature and our relationship to it. Jonas Noël Niedermann, living in Denmark, fascinates with his elegant glass sculptures, reflecting the fragility and beauty of nature. His works are like living, vibrating curves and gentle waves, imitating nature itself.

This exhibition is a lively dialogue between art and nature. Both have the power to transport us from the hectic everyday life into a world of peace and tranquility. Nature and art are indispensable sources of inspiration and growth, helping us to reduce stress and find inner peace. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique connection between heaven and earth and experience a journey into the untouched beauty of our Alps.


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