Berge: Drei Visionen, Eine Leidenschaft (Mountains: Three Visions, One Passion)

In a fascinating winter backdrop, “Mountains: Three Visions, One Passion” unfolds as a striking visual experience. This exhibition delves deep into the human psyche and invites viewers to explore the intricately woven tapestry of three exceptional artists. With brush, palette, or camera in hand, the artists channel their unwavering passion for the mountains, offering a stimulating and contemplative journey.

Lukas R. Vogel captures the grandeur of mountain peaks in masterful realistic oil paintings on canvas. His works transport viewers on a journey through landscapes teeming with life, thanks to his detailed and intense brushstrokes. His ability to capture light and shadow lends his works a magical dimension.

Stefan Rüesch, on the other hand, employs a unique technique in creating his alpine paintings with acrylic on canvas. His palette of light and fresh colors imparts a sense of lightness and invites reflection. Through thousands of small squares, Rüesch manages to depict the complexity and order of nature, prompting profound thoughts about our connection to the environment.

Thomas Crauwels, renowned for his intense black and white photographs of the majestic Bernina and Bergell mountain ranges, completes this triad of art. His images offer insights into the sublime and capture the intensity of the mountains in a way that transcends time. Each of Crauwels’ photos invites contemplation and provides an opportunity to explore the depths of the human experience.

“Mountains: Three Visions, One Passion” transcends mere aesthetics. It is an exhibition that encourages viewers to embark on a metaphysical journey and contemplate the complex relationship between humans and nature. It prompts us to reconsider our role in the sensitive ecosystem of our planet and the deep, intrinsic beauty that permeates the natural world. This is not just art; it is a profound reflection on the essence of our existence and our shared passion for the grandeur of the mountains.

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